The Matrix Trilogy Screensaver

The Matrix Trilogy Screensaver

The Matrix Trilogy Screensaver is a pleasant and useful desktop screensaver
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The Matrix Trilogy Screensaver Development Team
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The Matrix Trilogy Screensaver is a pleasant and useful desktop screensaver, which will fill your desktop with codes frome your favorite movie.
The Matrix Trilogy Screensaver is free to use. This small yet useful desktop tool is easy to download and simple to install.Do you remember "The Matrix" movie? I suppose that many people watched it. And it was a big hit around the world. Do you believe in "The Matrix"? Do you think that we could be in that same situation ourselves? To be living in "The Matrix"? To be "software code"?

Matrix Trilogy Screensaver brings all the code of "The Matrix" right to your screen.

This very unique screensaver is something different. One could expect to be able to watch scenes from the three movies about "The Matrix" and some action. Well, then you will have to buy those movies, because this screensaver will not do that. You will see how the green numbers in the code of "The Matrix" start flowing down your screen. As the time passes, they almost completely cover the screen.
Then, the patterns change a little bit as time keeps passing, and that's about it.

If you are a real fan of "The Matrix", you will surely enjoy The Matrix Trilogy Screensaver. You can get ready to decipher or decode those numbers and symbols.
Who knows, you might discover something that everybody has missed.

Fernando Soni
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